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Erik Weems Photography - Page 24

Peppermint Rose
Alley of H Street

Alley off H Street, Washington DC

Whataburger New Mexico Flags
At the Walmart

At the Wal-Mart

White House behind bars
Reflecting lights on 17th and Pennsylvania Avenue at night near the White House

Reflecting lights on 17th and Pennsylvania Avenue at night near the White House

Steam on the street near White House on 17th NW
Shadows along 17th Street NW Washington DC

Waters of the Potomac from Roosevelt Island, Washington DC

Relections of air plane for Reagan Airport in the Potomac River

Relections in the Potomac River of air traffic heading for Reagan Airport

White House in DC just after nightfall

White House in Washington DC

Sculpture on Connecticut Ave Washington DC

On Connecticut Avenue in DC, Farragut West

Snow at the Carillon Bell Tower in Richmond Virginia

Carillon Bell Tower in Richmond, Virginia

Reflecting glass high rise buildings in Reston Virginia

Reston, Virginia

Cat Tails at Walney Pond in Chantilly, Virginia

Chantilly, Virginia

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